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Venentherapie Ärztin
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Vein therapy – these are your options

Spider veins, varicose veins, venous insufficiency – venous diseases are widespread throughout Germany. The Deutsche Venen-Liga e.V. (German Vein Association) claims that one in five women and one in six men suffers from an advanced chronic vein disorder. Initially, venous insufficiency causes very few problems, but in many cases vein therapy will eventually be required. 

Articles on the topic

untersuchung vor CHIVA-Methode
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Topic: Therapy

CHIVA method

CHIVA methodThe CHIVA method is only rarely performed in Germany. There are other therapy techniques for treating varicose veins which are much more widespread in this country.©...
anziehen von kompressionsstrümpfen
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Topic: Therapy

Compression therapy

Compression therapyCompression stockings and bandages are usually the main choice for treating vein problems without operating. Here you can find out exactly how compression therapy works and...
massage des oberschenkels
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Topic: Therapy

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainageYour doctor will often prescribe lymphatic drainage against water retention in your legs and vein problems, in order to dissolve the accumulation of fluid and to stimulate...
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Topic: Therapy

Household remedies for water retention

© Cookie Studio – stock.adobe.comHousehold remedies for water retentionThere can be many causes for water in your legs: summer heat, prolonged standing, hormonal swings or lack of...
wandern im wald
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Topic: Therapy

Treating water retention

Fat, heavy legs – these are generally caused by oedemas. There can be several causes of water retention in the tissue, but generally they can be treated with a good outcome. Find out here how oedemas develop and which possible treatments there are.
arzt scannt bein mit radiowelle
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Topic: Therapy

Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency therapy for varicose veinsVaricose veins can be removed with the help of radiofrequency therapy, also known as radio wave therapy and radiofrequency ablation. Since the operation...