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Vein advice brochure

We have compiled a comprehensive vein advice brochure for you. The veins in our legs do a great deal of heavy work as they have to convey the blood upwards against gravity. So that’s a good reason to take care of your veins. Our vein advice brochure contains the answers to all your questions vein health and also contains ways in which you can prevent venous diseases.

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Preventing varicose veins

The best thing is if varicose veins and other vein diseases simply do not occur. Early prevention is the best method to strengthen your vein function and maintain beautiful legs throughout your life. You can do this every day for your veins.
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Swollen legs in the summer heat

Hot summers make your legs swell and gain weight. But you can avoid this because healthy veins maintain blood transport even in hot weather. Water accumulation in legs and feet are then simply not an issue.
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Varicose veins FAQ

This FAQ contains the answers to all the main questions relating to the causes and therapy of varicose veins. It is sure to have an explanation of the question that is currently on your mind.
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Venous system

A healthy venous system is a widespread network of one-way streets in which the venous valves prevent the blood flowing the wrong way. You can read about how the venous system works and what is important for healthy veins here.
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