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Symptome Venenerkrankungen
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Illustration symptoms of venous disease

Venous diseases – you should take these symptoms seriously

Venous diseases may announce themselves in the form of various symptoms, which seem harmless at first sight. Many young people suffer problems with heavy, swollen legs. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in summer if you are on your feet all day or have to work in a sitting position. But problems with your legs may indicate the start of a venous disease. Find out here what you should watch for and how you can prevent them.

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Topic: Symptoms

Nightly calf cramps

It can happen just when you are in a deep sleep: your calf cramps and hurts like hell. The causes can be wide-ranging – including vein problems.
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Topic: Symptoms

Pain in the legs

Sore muscles calf cramps and standing for long periods – often the causes are harmless. But sometimes the pain in your legs is a warning sign of venous disease.
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Topic: Symptoms

Itchy legs

The cause of itchy legs can simply be very dry skin. Sometimes the root cause can be venous insufficiency, which can have unpleasant consequences.
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Topic: Symptoms

Swollen legs

There can be a whole host of reasons for swollen legs which become ever thicker during the day. Find out here what they are and what you can do about them.
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Topic: Symptoms

Water in the legs

In summer, long periods standing and warm temperatures cause water to quickly collect in your legs. What appears harmless can have serious causes.
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Topic: Symptoms

Heavy legs

Heavy legs are widespread during the summer heat. But they could also be an initial symptom of a venous disease.